“Janice’s warm, peaceful spirit is reflected in everything she does, especially her music. I highly recommend her CD. It takes one on a very wonderful journey. ‘Warm Shelter’ weaves a melodious path of peace, harmony and a feeling of warmth deep inside.” - Doug Thunderhorse

“Janice did a great job for us at Cincinnati Parks Mt. Airy Forest Festival. The tipi was a great visual asset and her work with the kids was outstanding.” - Johnny Schott, Talent & Events, Inc.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation this past Saturday. Your flutes and your music enthralled both children and adults. I was especially impressed by your interactions with the group: questions were answered with enthusiasm, honesty and humor. We could not have asked for a better presentation.” - Anne Arenstein, Assistant Curator for Family and Studio Programs, Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, OH

“You were awesome and I am looking forward to when I can get you out at Sugarcreek again. It was worth every penny!” - Joshua York, Naturalist, Five Rivers MetroParks, Dayton, OH

“I cannot find words to express my appreciation for your wonderful contribution to our school on Kentucky History Day. First of all, you are a delight to collaborate with. Thank you for making so many adjustments to your program in order to fit our schedule. Your calm manner touched every one of our students in a positive way. One child wrote, ‘Sunflower made me feel peaceful. I wish she could be here all the time.’ Our school is already looking for ways to have you come back for more programs. I heartily recommend you to any group who wants a quality experience!” - Darlene Horton, Science Lab Teacher, Coordinator for Kentucky History Day, Chenoweth Elementary School, Louisville, KY

“Janice, thank you for sharing your program with all of us. It was wonderful to look in and see so many engaged families.” - Meghan Dillon, Education Coordinator for Youth & Family Programs, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH

“I am still hearing from people who loved your performance! I would love to have you back again!” - Sue Shay, Washington-Centerville Public Library, Centerville, OH

“The Hart County Public Library was privileged to have Janice Trytten present one of the programs at the Summer Reading Program. Ms. Trytten’s program was great. The children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The program was authentic, interesting, educational, and entertaining. The craft idea that she suggested was a treat for the children to make. Ms. Trytten was very professional and cooperative. We enjoyed having her as one of our Summer Reading presenters. I highly recommend Ms. Trytten’s program.” - Stacy Bradbury, Hart County Public Library, Assistant Director, Munfordville, KY

“The children enjoyed being able to touch so many things.” - Lynne March, Springmyer School, Cincinnati, OH

“The music was beautiful! I like the comment made about us all being connected and being just different shades of brown. That was a great lesson.” - Grace Finn, Staff, Riverscape, Five Rivers Metro Parks, Dayton, OH

“I believe our Nursing and Assisted Living residents enjoyed the sensory aspects of your program. The different hides, beadwork, horns, gourd filled with seeds and the stories behind each item were very interesting. The stores also sparked memories for many of our residents. Everyone seemed to enjoy the back and forth question and answers during the program. It was truly interactive. (So much better than a lecture!) One other observation I had was that the residents responded positively to your flute playing. It was a great way to start the program. Your presentation was well received. Thank you.” - Activity Staff, Courtyard at Seasons, Cincinnati, OH

“You gave a wonderful presentation to Boone County Public Library’s Lents Branch in Hebron, KY.” - Bridget B. Striker, Local History Librarian, BCPL

“We, at Pride Avenue Elementary in Madisonville, would like to recommend to you Sunflower (Janice Trytten) as an excellent resource in the study of Native American culture. Her presentation was highly enjoyable. Our kids were captivated by the wide variety of information she had to offer and loved the hands-on aspect of the time they spent with her.

From the standpoint of a teacher who had to coordinate the schedules of 6 different teachers on the day of the presentation, I especially appreciate Sunflower’s cooperative spirit and her willingness to be flexible. She drove a great distance to be here and came well prepared with a wide variety of Native American articles that the children could touch, taste, and smell. We also greatly appreciate her gift of a recording of Native American flute music to our school.

Sunflower’s presentation was high quality and she is a nice person. What more could you ask for!? We look forward to having her back.” - Angela Thomas, Music teacher, Pride Avenue Elementary School, Madisonville, KY

“Thank you so much for playing your lovely music at the Women’s Day of Prayer yesterday. I don’t know how many women came up to me afterwards to say that part of our program had been very meaningful to them.” - Judith Blackburn, Cincinnati, OH

“I have gotten great feedback about your afternoon with the children. Hope we can do that again.” - Jim Zarwiecki, Kennedy Heights Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

“I saw your performance yesterday at Riverscape MetroPark and was deeply moved by the serenity and peace that your music brought me. I would like to order one copy of your CD.” - Steve Knick, attendee Five Rivers MetroPark concert, Dayton, OH

“I am writing this letter to support the program that has been put together by Janice Trytten. Janice performed at our Kids Dig Ohio last summer, and her performance was enjoyed by all. This was a day long event during which Janice conducted several short performances and discussions of her many instruments during the day, along with a concert event to close the event.

We invited Janice to perform at the event after carrying her music cds in our gift shop and receiving a positive response to them. We found every aspect of Janice’s presentation to be both entertaining and informative. She brought along a variety of instruments and was able to share her appreciation of the music and the instruments with everyone.

The performances added to the atmosphere of our partially reconstructed Native American village as visitors and demonstrators alike made their way around the site.

I would recommend Janice’s program as a valuable hands-on experience for groups of all ages.” - Andrew Sawyer, Site Manage/Site Anthropologist, SunWatch Village, Dayton, OH

“Jan T. was wonderful with our children. She spoke in a quiet, calm voice that helped settle the children. She read the children’s interest level and responded well with appropriate activities. This presentation was a complete sensory experience. At her last visit, she gave us a copy of her CD, ‘Warm Shelter’. We play it daily in our classroom to calm the children. The children have difficulty calming themselves but the flute music works like a charm.” - Kim Phillips, TIP Program, Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

“I hired Janice to perform music and assist with interpreting Native American history in an area called the Early Place, one of ten theme areas within Sawyertown, the kids & family section of Tall Stacks. As education director, I was looking for someone who could both set a tone and convey the story of the Wyandot Tribe.

Janice understood what I was looking for and performed her duties beautifully. She was reliable and was very responsive to the challenges of the festival context. A few times I had to quickly change the schedule, which meant Janice had to be flexible and improvise, and she didn’t miss a beat.

Her music brought an important dimension to the Early Place. Many people commented to me later about how brilliant and appropriate her work was in setting the right mood. In the times I was able to break away and go visit the Early Place, I observed people very engaged in her performances and interpretations. Without Janice, I don’t think the Early Place would have been visited very much at all.

I highly recommend Janice Trytten.” - Carol Tyler, Educational Director, Tall Stacks 2004, Music, Arts & Heritage Festival, Cincinnati, OH

What I liked most about the performance was “when she walked from child to child playing the flute. Adapted well to changing her performance to meet the needs of our children. Also asked what would be best for us.” - Sr. Mary Catherine Faller & Summer Camp Staff, St. Joseph Home, Cincinnati, OH

“. . . calm voice held their attention; great attention to detail, music was wonderful. She was VERY impressive.” - 5th Grade teachers, Lyon County Elementary School, Eddyville, KY

“The items Janice brought were very interesting for the residents to touch and see. The flute music was very nice also. Her presentation was very thorough and interesting.” - Jaunita Chessey, Activity Director, Matrix Healthcare of Three Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Cincinnati, OH

“Janice Trytten as ‘Sunflower’ has made history come alive for the senior citizens of the McKee Community Center. For well over and hour, Sunflower held the groups attention as I’ve never seen. With native dress, music, bison hides, artifacts and more she exposed our group to the Indian way of life. A great storyteller and artisan can be found in this amazing program. With much patience and understanding Sunflower made every effort to accommodate everyone. From the blind to the frail all were active participants in the ‘hands-on’ exploration of the ‘Visitors From the Plains’ program.” - Jan Ober, Center Director, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, McKee Senior Center, Cincinnati, OH